Dental Fees

Patient examination/consultation 800kr

Emergency patient examination/ consultation 750kr

Consultation with specialist from 1200kr

Permanent filling small 1250kr

Permanent filling medium 1600kr

Permanent filling large 1850kr

Temporary filling 600kr

Treatment under microscope

Root canal treatment incisor 5250kr

Root canal treatment premolar 7000kr

Root canal treatment molar 9500kr

The price includes examination, X-ray, rubber dam, temporary filling

Dental crown ( per tooth) 7000kr

Dental bridge ( per tooth) 7000kr

Porcelain inlay 6500kr

Porcelain onlay 6500kr

Porcelain veneers (per tooth) 8000kr

Full denture (upper or lower) 14000kr

Partial denture (upper or lower) from 16000kr

Full denture set (upper and lower) 28000kr

Soft night guard 3200kr

Teeth whitening 4700kr

aligner from 25000kr

Periodontal supportive care and maintenance from 1200kr

Non-surgical extraction (starting from) 1500kr

Surgical extraction-impacted wisdom tooth extraction from 2800kr

Single implant including crown 25000kr

Small x-rays 180kr

Large OPG x-rays 650kr

CBCT 1500kr

Medical botox – price after assessment