Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening – a brilliant method, is becoming an increasingly popular dental care practice among
people seeking a brighter and more beautiful smile. It is a non-invasive cosmetic treatment that is an
effective solution for removing discoloration and brightening the teeth. Consultation with a dentist before
starting teeth whitening is always advisable.
Teeth whitening is a process that uses active chemical ingredients, which are usually hydrogen peroxide
or carbamide peroxide, to remove discoloration from tooth enamel and dentin. These substances break
down the colored pigments in the teeth and make the teeth brighter. The bleaching agent is used in a
special tray that is placed on the teeth. Here you can choose whether you want to whiten your teeth during the day or at night. Teeth whitening removes both deep stains and surface stains. Teeth whitening changes your natural teeth color, usually anywhere from three to five shades lighter.